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Getting your business started is super tough! Don't get discouraged!

Starting a small business can be extremely tough! Listen, don't ever give up on your dream. Keep fighting for the desires of your heart. Entrepreneurs will experience many ups and downs throughout the startup process. I remember waking up one morning, walking downstairs, and endlessly staring at my $2.00 bank account. I thought, how can I keep pushing forward? I have overdue bills to pay, no food in the house, and no money to continue my business venture. I felt completely lost and helpless. I figured my time was up and maybe I'll submit to corporate America once again. After all, my friends and family thought I was foolish to continue. They urged me to keep pushing my resume and begging the typical corporations for any opportunity. I'm not going to lie, it crossed my mind many times!

However, I kept fighting! I contacted my creditors and made deals. I reached out to my network of business professionals and asked for resources. At one point, I bounced from one online business platform free trial to another; until I ran out of email addresses. I did anything to keep the dream alive! Finally, I was able to make some headway and dig myself out. Overall, small businesses and startups can be exhausting! I want you to recognize that you're not alone in this battle. If you're feeling desperate, unsuccessful, or unmotivated, keep your dream in front of you. I promise things will get better and the taste of success is very sweet. Lastly, make sure to create or join a local community of fellow entrepreneurs. Be willing to help one another at no cost; if possible! Friendships and partnerships like these are truly irreplaceable.

Fox and Felix was created specifically for small businesses, think tanks, and startups like yours. We truly understand the hardships entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. Contact us today and let's break new barriers together!

Fox and Felix Small Business Coaching Stressed Business Owner

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