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Employer on the go allows you to easily manage your payroll from anywhere at anytime. This intuitive online payroll and workforce management tool provides you with a reliable platform for employee onboarding, payroll, time and attendance and HR. Employer on the GO offers safe, secure, and accurate access to your payroll information. 

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My Employer on the Go empowers employees with easy mobile access to their personal payroll and HR information in one central location. Streamline communication with your staff using a simple and intuitive interface, which provides employees access to their data anywhere, anytime. Fully integrated with Employer on the GO from paystubs and W2’s, to timekeeping and vacation requests, My Employer on the GO offers sharable and controllable information at every level of your company.

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Introducing the updated My Employer on the Go  mobile app! This app empowers your employees to stay engaged with you, the employer while providing the employee access to payroll, Human Resource, Benefits, and Time & Attendance information. Now, employees can access their information, from their device, when its convenient for them.


GPS Timekeeping provides additional capabilities for employers to log simple geo-location points for employee time punches, and the advanced feature of creating a “geo-fence” where an employee’s punch will capture the GPS coordinates to confirm/deny that the employee is within the geo-fence.

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Time and Attendance solutions make payroll easier by eliminating the need to gather time sheets, compute the total hours and re-key data into your payroll. Time and Attendance makes it virtually impossible to submit inaccurate time data. Employees can use time cards which allow them to clock in and out through an electronic time clock, or they can simply log into a secure web clock or mobile website, with a user name and password to clock in and out. Time and Attendance also allows you to view reports to help keep an eye on your staff's efficiency. Our solution provides you complete control over your staff's time management and helps you increase savings and staff performance. 

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Hire on the Go fully integrates the applicant tracking process to help find and hire great employees. Post jobs online to dozens of job boards, accept resumes, sort through applicants, and seamlessly onboard new hires with Hire on the Go's easy-to-use online tools.

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The average cost savings when implementing standardization of recruitment process. 


The average time savings when implementing standardization of recruitment process. 


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Would you like a team of expert HR advisors by your side? Let's get started! 

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PAYSOURCE ONE'S Benefits Solution Helps You:

Easily manage benefits enrollment for your employees from hire to retire, throughout the year.

Utilize our built-in reporting tool to generate hundreds of customized reports on-demand.

Accurately monitor export, import and payroll dashboards.

Deliver targeted employee communications ensuring your team gets the right benefits at the right time.

PAYSOURCE ONE'S Benefits Solution Helps Your Employees:

Enroll in their benefits where they want, when they want, online, by phone, or via a mobile app.

View their benefits information 24/7.

Find full support for all benefits-related questions and tasks, from enrollment and eligibility to dependent verification, by phone, chat, or email.

Engage with your benefits brand with a specially configured benefits portal from start to finish.

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PAYSOURCE ONE'S ACA OnDemand provides a cloud-based solution to assist employers with managing and complying with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). ACA OnDemand minimizes the administrative burden, mitigates the risk of IRS penalties and accurately files the required tax forms, while allowing companies to manage their data.

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